A great adventure awaits. 

All around you an exciting Hawaiian resort is coming to life. And, as a resident of Hoakalei, you’ll have easy access to its unique attractions—including the future crown jewel of the community, Wai Kai. Envisioned as a major regional destination built around the largest lagoon in Hawaii, Wai Kai is planned to include a scenic promenade lined with boutiques, restaurants and resort accommodations.

Every day feels like a vacation. 

Take the plunge at the neighborhood pool. Jog on a trail that meanders along more than a mile of natural shoreline. Or enjoy a day at the beach – at one of the neighboring public beaches or on the sandy shore of Hoakalei’s incredible new Wai Kai Lagoon at the Wai Kai Hale Club. And this is just the beginning. There is much more to come, so stay tuned.


The Cultural Foundation.

A founding principal in Haseko's original vision for Hoakalei is careful stewardship of the land, the artifacts and the living memory of the native Hawaiian culture. As a result, the Hoakalei Cultural Foundation was established in collaboration with a group of revered kupuna (elders) to keep the traditions alive - and to help foster a deeper respect and aloha for the aina (land) and the kai (sea) of Honouliuli.

Located on the island of Oahu.

Hoakalei is located along the sunny South Shore of Oahu, in Ewa Beach, just west of historic Pearl Harbor and 20 miles from Honolulu. Which means that, as a resident of Hoakalei, you’re living near one of the most famous places in the world. The playground of kings and favored destination of celebrities from Robert Louis Stevenson to Elvis Presley. 

Drive into the city, and you can take in a concert or a conference. A new show at the Honolulu Museum of Art or a tour of Iolani Palace, the only official residence of royalty in the U.S. You can enjoy the fresh fare of the Island’s finest chefs, or you can head straight for the beach and bask on the legendary white sands of Waikiki, with Diamond Head rising in the distance. 

Of course, if surfing is your thing, you can drive up through the heart of the island’s pineapple plantation country to the North Shore – and the roar of the awe-inspiring Banzai Pipeline. Hoakalei puts it all within reach. 

Honolulu has long been known as “the gathering place” on Oahu. The destination for visitors from every corner of the globe. And in the future, as the resort continues to take shape around Wai Kai Lagoon – lining a grand promenade with boutiques, restaurants, hotels, and other entertainments – Hoakalei could very well become the next great gathering place. The exciting new center of resort life in West Oahu.